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Underwater Photoshoots

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had during my line of work was an underwater photoshoot.  It’s extremely different and difficult because the models must put forth their best effort to get a good shot.  Along with that, water conditions must be extremely clear and you need the proper devices such as camera, lighting, etc.  However, if you do get a chance to successfully complete an underwater photoshoot, the results are unreal.

Before even attempting an underwater photoshoot, you need to do some key research.  This involves looking up the weather and clarity of the water as well as determining if the water is safe to go under.  A great way to do this is by using an ROV, also known as remotely operated vehicles.  These devices can measure basically anything underwater and you can control it on the sidelines without even going into the water.  So we first used an ROV to determine how safe the water was, then on the day of, we check the water’s clarity.  We got lucky because the day was perfect with pure clarity underwater and lots of sunshine so we didn’t need to use artificial lighting (don’t even get me started with trying to set up lighting underwater).

The shoot couldn’t have gone better!  The model was a natural!  She had been raised by the ocean, so she felt right at home in the water and underwater.  Her love of the ocean shined through in our photoshoot which is exactly what you want to depict.  We got so much sun that day that it was pretty much effortless.  The photos turned out great, and we had a ton of fun which is important.  We even got to do some underwater exploring with a used rov, the same one we borrowed to determine the water’s safety.  Everyone had a great time, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results.


Next time you decide to do an underwater photoshoot, I sincerely hope that luck is on your side!  We got extremely lucky with the weather, water, and model.  Hopefully your experience will turn out just as great!