Top Models

Welcome to Maui Watershoot. Here on our website, you will find information on top models and everything about these gorgeous women. For our first blog post, let’s see how much the top models in the industry are making.

Giselle Bundchen – This gorgeous Brazilian model has graced the cover of countless magazines. She’s been a Victoria’s Secret Angel and is undoubtedly one of the most famous models in the world. She makes a whopping $44 million – much more than her Quarterback husband, Tom Brady makes. She’s not only a leading woman in the fashion industry but also in her household as a wife and mother.


Cara Delevingne – This young Brit has had a great start to life, coming from a very affluent family. However, she’s created a name for herself and is one of the top models of today. Young girls look up to her, and she’s even gotten started in her acting career. This 23 year old makes $9 million.

Adriana Lima – Coming in tied with Cara Delevingne, this Victoria Secret Angel also makes $9 million. Another Brazilian beauty, she’s got endorsements with Maybelline and Vogue Eyewear. She’s one of the most well known Victoria Secret Angels as well as one of the longest standing.

These three lucky ladies are very lucky and have worked hard to be in the top of their industry. Let’s see what they accomplish next!